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KPStarOne-EPS® System Edition

KPStarOne EPS®  Version 7.0.07 launched 

We at KPStarOne are extremely happy to announce KPStarOne EPS® Version 7.0.07, which has been developed under collaboration with Dr.G.K.Adith Kasinath, the founder of EPS System. The same can be Downloaded from the link given below.

The EPS® System is an advanced level in KP system of astrology, which stands for Extended Planetary Significations System. This system includes all the important aspects of Vedic, KP and detailed new significations on many aspects for the accuracy. It also comprises a unique method of analysis through House Grouping for each Event and a noble Planetary Interlink Theory (PILT theory). This system will be a mile stone in the Astrology world. This EPS edition is a Highly-Automated version, wherein the software will indicate the each planet's overall strength of a planet for an event with percentage%. It has got many tools for the user for their detailed and accurate analysis.

To learn EPS System online with the learned KP Astrology scholar and founder of EPS System Dr.G.K.Adith Kasinath Click Here

Unique Important Features in KPStarone-EPS Edition Version not available in any other software

Feature 1. Event based Multilingual Analyser Tables:

The Analyser module makes all the necessary analysis and shows the significations of Source, Effect, Result and Overall, with FAV%, UNF%, Final % and Overall % with Over-all Quality name, besides Rank of Cusps Signified by the planet. This will be easier for easy determination on each planet's strength and weakness for an event. And this will be more useful in finding the Bhukti and Antara periods for the timing of event and also for accurate predictions.

Multilingual feature has been incorporated in Analyser tables. You user can select their choice of language for Planet names in their language (either English or Tamil or Hindi or Telugu or Kannada or Bangla).

  • Highly Automated Analysis with Quality Tables of Planets with respect to Selected Event or Prosperity.
  • Many screens like Analyser All, Overall Planets, Overall Output, DBA with important outputs for the user within Analyser window.
  • The Overall Planets- CSL page with the overall significations of all planets and all cuspal a single screen for easy determination on overall prospects of all planets and destiny in few minutes.
  • DBA page in a single screen the output of running Dasa, Bukthi and Antara and upcoming Periods can be seen. This will be more useful for easy comparison and predictions.

Feature 2. Advanced online place finder:

The KPStarOne Free edition has two kinds of in-built City databases. For frequently used places, there is one Local database, in which you can add any city of your choice from add City feature or the built-in Standard database of more than 1.12 lakh cities, which is available when you press "More Places" button on the New/ Edit Chart menu.

In the new EPS Edition Version, you can find places that are not available in the in-built databases, directly from internet. (You need to have internet connection active).

You may search for the place by entering either of following:

1. Place name (preferred) or
2. Place, State or
3. Place, Country
Postal Code or by Locality name

If the target country is using Postal Codes/ ZIP Code/ PIN Code, then you may search using Postal Code or by Locality name also (nearer to the birth place e.g. the PIN Code of Hospital where Jataka is born). The latitude/ longitude in such case should be better than using location of City centre.

The list of places is provided with population (except Postal/ Locality search mode) or description like Rail Road station, to help you decide the place, when query returns multiple records. You can even spot the place on Google Maps with the click of a button.

The selected place can be added/ saved in your local database with the chosen name or different name of your choice for frequent use.

This feature will help you find your required location in any part of the world with its correct co-ordinates and the Time zone.

Feature 3. House Grouping tables (Module 1 and 2):

This is a unique feature included in this Version 7.0.7 for the benefit of the users. The grouping of both favourable and unfavourable houses for the selected event are shown for each level separately for easy and better level-wise and level to level study. The house grouping of Sign link and Ruler link support planets are also shown.

The Quality tables are shown at a click on the House grouping page for additional supportive study

Key planets: This is an important feature added in this version 7.0.7. They will be useful in finding the influence of favourable or unfavourable key planets in a planet as a ruler or in supports.

All the nine planets are allotted with specific BG shade called KP shades based on their FAV and UNF score range. According to the difference between self FAV and UNF Score of each planet, they are ranked from KP rank # 1-9. We can identify the favourable and unfavourable key planets by their BG shade and also their rank/score.

Each planet in HG tables and also in all Analyser tables will have this KP shade as their BG shade which will help the user to identify the self-strength of each planet at a glance by the shade.

Feature 4. Fully Automated Time-Zone & DST:

Fully Automated Time-Zone & DST for all the places in integrated database, which takes care of actual historical time changes as well as rule-based changes in DST for future dates.

Feature 5. Interactive PILT tables:

This is an exclusive Page where in all planets will be shown with their all levels and the support planets. The user can find the role of selected key planets in general or the key planets of the Dasa or Bhukti period in the other planets as a ruler or in supports. The selected key planets alone will be highlighted with the respective KP shade in the grid of the other planets in the rulers or in the supports where ever they are present. This will help to identify the planets who are under the influence of the selected key planets and the level of influence. There are many such related tools are provided in this page.

Feature 6. Planet Scores for the Event:

The Planets are given ranks for the selected event for their FAV and UNF Qualities, which are fine-tuned with increased accuracy.

Feature 7. Latest release (23rd July 2020) of Swiss Ephemeris

Feature 8. Pop-up window with both EPS and ESI analyser tables for cross reference:

In the Overall-Planets CSL page: When you double click on a planet’s row in the Overall-Planets CSL page, a pop-up window with both EPS and ESI analyser tables will open. This will be more useful for the combined study on EPS table and House Grouping table of a planet on the Overall-Planets CSL page itself.

In Quality All table and DBA page: This feature is also available on the Quality-All table and DBA page. When you double click on the Quality table of a planet, this combined Pop-up will open. This will be useful for you to study the EPS, House Grouping table and analyser table instantly from the Quality table page or DBA page itself.

This pop-up window of the combined tables can be moved to your convenient location.

Feature 9. Natal Chart Pop-up Analyser and House Grouping screens:

The Pop-up to help you see the planetary chart while doing analysis. Also you can see Transit Chart within Analyser screen as pop-up.

Feature 10. The Graph

A Graph is also included in Analyser for easy comparison and study on Favourable(FAV) and Unfavourable(UNF) strength of all planets. It can be saved.

Feature 11. Easy search for saved charts:

Last used charts are shown to enable to search easily the last worked charts. Besides search based on Name, Dob, Place etc. are also included.


Important Information Before you download EPS Edition:

The KPStarOne EPS edition is a paid Single-User license software and needs Pre-Installation and Pre-registration for which Pre-registration kit is required to be downloaded and installed on the User’s Computer.

To Purchase this paid version Software please visit Contact page 

Obtaining Registration Key for EPS Edition

KPStarOneEPS software is Single user only. You can use this license only on one machine. Hence do the registration procedure and installation in your desktop or Laptop which you like to work on this software. Please click the below link to download the Pre-Registration kit and run it. (The Pre-Registration kit does not contain any virus or malware, in case your Windows reports that it may contain viruses, please ignore it/ disable anti-virus, if required.

To Download the Pre-Registration kit 7 - Click here

You may fill in your details as requested (as the same shall be printed in Astrological Reports/ Charts created by KPStarOne-EPS software). You may not be able to change this information once you complete registration process in KPStarOne-EPS. Please enter correctly and save it.

Once you click on ‘SAVE’, the MACHINE ID will be generated and the Pre-Registration Information shall be saved on your Desktop as "KPS_RegInfo.txt"

The Pre-Registration information shall be saved on your Desktop as "KPS_RegInfo.txt" for providing your Registration Key. Please DO NOT TAMPER with the KPS_RegInfo.txt file.

You are requested to send an email only to by copying the Machine ID and pasting the same in your email Subject and also attach the KPS_RegInfo.txt file from your Desktop, as email Attachment for obtaining the Registration Key.

After Receipt of the KPS_RegInfo.txt file and Machine ID, the New Software Installer with the Registration key will be mailed to you in couple of days.

Downloading EPS Edition

You need to download Full installer if, You are installing the KPStarOne EPS® for the first time on your Computer or you want to update from your existing version (or lower) or if you want to re-install it due to some other issues. Please save/ backup your earlier Charts database, prior to installing Full version of KPStarOne EPS®.

Users already having version only may use Smart Update Patch 7.0.07 (only 3.12 MB), instead of downloading large Full-installer.


To Download Smart Update for KPStarOne EPS – Click here Version

(Download File size is 3.12 MB Only)

Please DO NOT uninstall KPStarOne EPS while installing Full Version

New Users and All Users having version or older installed on their computer need to download FULL Installer

To Download full Installer KPStarOne EPS - Click here Version

(Download File size is 16.3 MB approx.)

'EPS (Extended Planetary Significations) System' is a Copyright and Trade mark Registered by Dr.G.K.Adith Kasinath.

KPStarOne software package is intellectual property of Amitabh Srivastav. All rights in respect of intellectual copyrights are reserved by the Author.