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EPS StarSoft is an advanced semi-automated software exclusively developed for EPS System of Astrology followers by KPStarone, which is the advanced and accurate system in stellar astrology. EPS AstroSoft has unique features that are not available in any other software.

Demo Video  'EPS StarSoft' 


Snap shots of the special features in 'EPS StarSoft'  Classic and Advance versions

(The features that are available only in EPS StarSoft ADVANCE version are highlighted)

1. EPS Table: (The houses are colored based on FAV and UNF houses for the selected event)


2. Quality table along with EPS Table: (for easy reference): (ONLY IN ADVANCE VERSION)


3. Event Selection from the list of important saved life events


4. New Event creation tool: (Edit or create new event as per your need)


5. ESI Grade Tables (old version)

6. House Grouping Tables (Module 1 and 2)


7. KEY PLANETS page: (the self-significations of all the 9 planets are shown with their FAV and UNF houses separately with their Key planet’s score and Rank for the selected event)


8. Ruler Support tables: (All the planets connected to each ruler of a planet shown with respective Key planets shade for easy identification)


9. Easy verification of Quality tables on double click on HG tables (ONLY IN ADVANCE VERSION)


10. Final Quality score in House grouping page: (for easy reference): (ONLY IN ADVANCE VERSION)


11. PILT TABLES: (An innovative tool to experiment and identify the FAV or UNF key planets ruling in required levels and also in Support. Many experimenting options are present) (ONLY IN ADVANCE VERSION)


12. ANALYSER Tables (The Analyser table of all planets as per house ranking for each level along with Quality table having FAV and UNF score and FAV% level wise and overall. Each planet’s significations are shown under Source-Effect- Result levels.) (ONLY IN ADVANCE VERSION)


13. QUALITY ALL Tables: (The Quality tables of all planets for the selected event are shown in a single page for easy comparative study) (ONLY IN ADVANCE VERSION)


14. OVERALL PLANETS - CSL table: (Only the Overall level from the Analyser tables are shown for all planets and each CSL) (ONLY IN ADVANCE VERSION)


15. DBA Page ( The quality table of Dasa Bukthi and Antara Planets with periods will be shown on the top and the quality table of the remaining DBA planets below that. This will help in predictions) ) (ONLY IN ADVANCE VERSION)


16. Easy verification with EPS/HG table on double click (By double clicking on the Quality table of a planet, the EPS table with Analyser table or HG table with Analyser table is shown in a popup window for easy reference) ) (ONLY IN ADVANCE VERSION)


(The HG table with Analyser table is shown in a popup window for easy reference)


The display of EPS or HG table with Analyser table of any planet while double clicking on that planet’s row or table : This is available in all the pages of Analyser.


17. GRAPH: (Bar Graph for all planets based on their FAV and UNF overall Score for an event) (ONLY IN ADVANCE VERSION)



Based on certain calculations, the “EPS StarSoft” the semi-automated software will automatically allot a rank to each planet between 1 and 9 for an event and they can also be sorted in the ranking order if Sort planets button is clicked.


This tool is present in ANALYSER Table and Overall Planets-CSL page.

(But the Rank # for each planet will be present in the Quality tables in all pages)


Planets are sorted based on their Ranks in the Analyser page:


Planets are sorted based on their Ranks in Overall Planets-CSL page: