StarOne SoftCraft

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Features of KPStarone


  • Most accurate detailed KP Ephemeris (showing Star/ Sub-Sub level timing changes), Chart for the Moment and Panchang elements
  • Choice of all popular Ayanamsa incl. KPNA
  • New - All saved important charts can now be sorted on Name/ DoB/ Place/ Horary Question No./ Sequnce or 'Last Used Chart'
  • Built-in database for More than 1.2 lakhs populated towns/cities with Latitude, Longitude, Altitude and time zone
  • KP Significators table with color coding
  • 4 Step Significators guided by Shri Sunil Gondhalekar ji
  • Theory of Short Prediction(TSP) propounded by Dr.K.R.Kar and module designed by Prof. Andrew Dutta
  • Natal and Transit Ruling Planets table with color coding for retrograde SBL/ STL
  • House Rotation
  • Choice of Horary up to Sub-Sub level (Q.No.list for 1 to 249 OR 1 to 2193)
  • Very accurate Advance Event Finder
  • Muhurt Selector
  • Chart/ Birth Time adjustment
  • New Today's RPs Sign-Star-Sublord changes under Utilities with color coding for planets whose star-Lords/ Sub-Lords are retrograde
  • New Lagna-Dasa as per K.Bhaskaran ji
  • New tree structured Dasa Navigator with flexibility to choose year definition
  • New User Interface- The new version has much cleaner interface, which is easier to work with and more user friendly. Many  suggestions given by Sh. MVM Prasad and Sh. Suhas Gokhle have been included in this version.
  • 5 level sub-sub lords for the Chart displyed.
  • New One-page Eco-friendly (Paper saving) Printing of Vimshottari Dasa
  • VarshPhala Charts with Mudda Vimshottari & Yogini dasa
  • Tithi Pravesh Charts
  • Western Aspects between Planets, Cusps and Transit planets
  • Transit & Navamsa Charts​
  • Transit Accelerator- Another change you will notice in ‘Transit Chart’, which has got Accelerator and de-accelerator for faster scanning of planetary movement besides Real-time chart.
  • Astrologer's Notes with charts- Now you should be able to save your observations & notes on various charts in your database for future reference/use.
  • Various Options for North/South/Eastern style indian charts
  • Cue-Cards & Help manual
  • Good quality PDF documents output and printing
  • Backup & retrieval of Saved Charts database
  • Faster Start- The new version has faster start-up (particularly if you are not running on the latest processor) and also better handling of screen resolution. I am thankful to Sh. Suhas Gokhale for motivating me to work on these issues
  • KPStarOne can run on any Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or windows XP system (but not on smart phones or tablets)

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