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EPS StarSoft Classic and EPS StarSoft  Advance have been released on 19th October 2020

Login to your account to purcahse it at Special Navratri Offer one-time payment price of Rs. 7500


At the outset let me thank you all for your continued support. We have obtained Certification for all StarOne Software products. Now, all download and execution files are checked for virus/ trojan and Digitally Signed with Authentication Certificate before uploading on website. Still it is advisable to turn off the Firewlall of Anti-virus virus/ windows defender for 15 minutes for smoothe download and install.

I could not reply to many of you individually, due to Large number of Emails received on daily basis in past few weeks.

A small segment of KPStarOne users, had reported issues during installation. The installation issues have now been resolved completely and improved Updated version has been uploaded today on 12nd October 2020. Please read Step-by-Step Instructions for trouble free installation and important changes in StarOne Software.

Inconvenience caused is deeply regretted. we always strive to serve you better in future. No email for Activation key is required now and the software is getting it directly from the server.

भविष्य में आपको बेहतर सेवा देने के उद्देश्य से अपडेटेड नि:शुल्क संस्करण अब अपलोड किया गया है। केपी स्टार वन इंस्टॉल करने के चरण-बद्ध (​स्टेप बाय स्टेप) विस्तृत निर्देश और महत्वपूर्ण परिवर्तन को कृपया ध्यानपूर्वक पढ़ें। हमें सहयोग देने के लिए धन्यवाद।


Now Simple installation for Free Version Now (before download please clear file cache in the internet browser and ignore any virus/Trojan threat. It is advisable turn off the Firewlall of Anti-virus virus/ windows defender for 15 minutes for smoothe download and install experience):

1. Create & verify/ Login to your KPStarOne account

2. clear file cache in the internet browser AND turn off the Firewlall of Anti-virus virus

3. Download and run KPStarOne Pre-Installer3, wait for some time for your device activation by us

4. Download and run KPStarOne version


KPStarOne, created in 1988, has completed more than 12 years of its existence in public domain, providing high quality and feature rich software Absolutely FREE to the astrological fraternity. There had been continual improvement in the KPStarOne during these years with the active and wholehearted support from all of you and valuable suggestions received from many of my learned astrologer friends.

However, many of your suggestions could not be incorporated into the software due to my preoccupation with service. Since I am now able to devote my full time concentrating on qualitative improvement of the development of KPStarOne software. I therefore seek your continued support in this endeavour.

I have received numerous requests for the popular free version of KPStarOne, as such it has now been decided to continue the Free version of KPStarOne software alongside the release of Advanced Versions. The First part to be released today is the New Pre-Installer, which allows you to use the existing version of KPStarOne without interruption.


The continued availability of reliable software is very important. As such, the process of providing Software Activation Key has now been divided in two steps, so that working of existing users of the KPStarOne Software remains smooth & unaffected and they can continue to use existing/old version without interruption.

To enhance the service quality, many processes are being re-designed/ automated. The Activation and KPStarOne Software Installation processes have been separated now. The First Step is Pre-Installation, will verify the User Account and update our server with Computer ID and Computer details of the user to facilitate us generating unique Software Activation Key. Please Download the KPStarOne Pre-Installer3 and run on your Computer/ Laptop. It is important to Select correct Software before proceeding in Pre-installer.


New KPStarOne Standard Version shall be released after Navratras. Upon receiving the Software Activation Key for required version, you may install Standard Version only through this Portal after running the New Pre-Installer. In case of Paid versions, it may take a day (or two) to provide you the requisite Activation Key after verification, however our endeavour will be to clear all pending Activation Key requests by the evening.


Some Users had reported a Virus/ Trojan alert by Windows Defender in Windows 10. The matter was taken up with Microsoft, who have confirmed that it was incorrect detection. Microsoft have now removed the false detection and advised to update the Windows Defender definition. Click here for details, if you are facing this issue.



The most accurate Advance Astrology software for followers of KP System (Krishnamurti Paddhati). It iuses advance Swiss Ephemeris for precision calculation of Planetary and Cuspal elements with WYSIWYG printing (What You See Is What You Get on Printer).

It has many advance features like:

  • Advance Event Finder - for finding date and time for Celestial events,
  • Chart/ Birth time adjustment - Sign-Star-Sub or by Time,
  • House rotation,
  • built-in KP Ephemeris,
  • Muhurt Selector
  • Transit Charts
  • Accurate 5-level sub-lords,
  • KP significators - A,B,C, D etc.
  • 4-Step Significators - Sh. Sunil Gondhalekar method,
  • Nadi Significators - Sh. Umang Taneja method,
  • TSP quick horary - as designed by Dr. Andrew Dutta and
  • Western Aspects with user defined orb setting & KP Ruling Planets.
  • Easy search, sort and find saved important charts including last-used chart sorting
  • Latest Version of Swiss Ephemeris with True Chitra Paksha Ayanamsa
  • Natal as well as Transit Cuspal & Planetary details upto 5 level Sub-Lords
  • Currently supports Hindi and English, soon other languages support shall be included

It is one of the most accurate astrology program and uses Swiss Ephemeris for very accurate planetary positions and houses.