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You may find the quickest solution to your query or problem by checking our list of frequently asked questions:

  1. Click in  Login link  and then click on Register Link given at the bottom.
  2. Fill in requisite details, Your Name, email ( this shall be used as your login User name and for your activation of your account) and contact details
  3. Upon successful entry You will see following notification
  4. Open you email and click on the Account Activation link Link sent in the your email
  5. After you have activated your account, you shall be able to enter your computer ID and obtain immidiately the Activation  Key for all your Computers on which you have installed the KPStarOne Software. These Activation key records shall always be available to you, when you login to the website.

No, You don't need to Uninstall older version. Installing new version of software in the same directory  creates a back-up of Existing Saved Charts and facilitates existing Saved Charts to remain available to You.

For New Users - The Computer ID is displayed in the Textbox, when you start the program.

For Existing/ Old Registered Users - To know the Computer ID or Product ID, click on 'About Developer' sub-menu under  'Help' menu. You will find the same at the bottom of the frame.

You may have other Astrology software with conflicting Path. You may download KPStarOne Version 6.7.29 or above and install again without Uninstall.

No, Presently it runs on Winwows platform only. Work on other platform is underway and by April 2020 the same are scheduled.

If your hard disk has not been formatted and the directory in which KPStarOne was installed has not been deleted then You can retrtrieve your old records.

Install latest version of software in new directory. Look for 'backup' folder in old installation of KPStarOne folder. Copy last saved backup file in the new directory's 'backup' sub-folder.

Run kpstarOne, Click on Menu  Charts → Retrieve/ Add charts from Back-up   

For retrieving data in same version of software you may use  Charts → Quick Retrieve from Back-up charts


You should use the Recommended Resolution(maximum)  as displayed in your display settings. Please, set your PC accordingly.

 The minimum recommended resolution for this software is 1366x768.  

There is a link for 'Forgot Password' on you login screen.

 or use link given here:

The earlier Express Registration (thru KPStarOne software) has been discontinued and it is to be done thru website only.

You need to create your login account and obtain Activation Key(if and when required) thru website


While installing this latest version, following message is flashed.

"An error occurred while trying to replace the existing file: Delete file failed: Code 5  Access is denied"

It appears that you are running KPStarone/ other program in the background while trying to install New software. Please close all existing programs before installing new version.

If you still have any further queres you can contact us.